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Frequently Asked Questions


Is clinical and/or research experience required?


Do you offer observerships, externships or any other volunteer programs?


Do you have a minimum score requirement?

No. We do look for passing on the first attempt, but exceptions have been made in the past. 

Can I apply with only one score?

Yes. Applicants must have USMLE Step 2CS score reported at the time of applying to the residency program.

What is your application deadline?

           December 31st.

What visas do you sponsor?

The program sponsors J-1 visas. We gladly accept Permanent Residents / Green Card holders.

Do I have to have my ECFMG certificate when I apply?

You must have an ECFMG Certificate before the submission of our rank order list; typically the deadline is in mid February.

Does SVH accept paper, email or ERAS applications?

ERAS only.

Does SVH participate in the Couples Match?


Does SVH offer any fellowships?

Yes, we offer an independent 3-year cardiology fellowship. In addition we offer 1 year interventional cardiology program. We also have jointly sponsored fellowships with The University of Massachusetts Medical School.

What other residencies are offered at SVH?

Radiology and Podiatry

Does SVH offer combined residency programs?


Are research opportunities available?

We have ample opportunity for research for our residents. In addition, most of our residents participate in the ACP both at regional and national level.

What library resources are available at SVH?

For information about the library please visit: http://www.stvincenthospital.com/Professionals/dumphy-library.aspx

What kind of scholarly activities do your residents participate in?

Click here: Resident Achievements
Click here: News & Updates

Do you offer moonlighting opportunities?

Yes, for PGY 2 & 3. ACGME prohibits PGY-1 from moonlighting.

When do you conduct interviews?

Interviews are scheduled Monday through Friday, with the exception of Tuesday. The interview season runs from mid October through January 31st.

How many positions are available?

Please visit our updated NRMP listing.

Does SVH accept IMG’s?


What is the placement record for your graduates?

Most of our graduates enter excellent fellowships and the other enter into primary care and hospitalist medicine. 

Is St. Vincent Hospital financially stable?

Yes. We are one of the few hospitals in the entire state to be profitable.

Did you know?

Worcester art museum opened in 1898 is the second largest art museum in New England!