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Program Information


From the Program Directors

To our Student “Browsers,”

We think you will find our residency program a wonderful learning experience in a sophisticated community of New England charm. We still look fondly upon our own training here!

Our internal medicine residency is designed to provide excellent preparation for a career as a hospitalist, primary care or further subspecialty training. Our special strengths are exposure to an exceptional array of pathology, a thoroughly committed, friendly, and accessible faculty and private attending staff, a fine radiology department and residency program with highly specialized diagnostic services, a close relationship with our medical school and its teaching hospital, a nearly “scut-free” work environment, a very liberal elective system, highly developed ambulatory assignments, and an excellent track record of placing our graduates in select practice settings or outstanding fellowship programs. This all takes place in a brand new, magnificent, state-of-the-art facility.

If you would like additional medical student elective information, or with to arrange an elective with us, please click here.

We would love to show you our program. If you have any questions, please contact our Program Administrator, Vincenza Gelardi at 508-363-6208 or email her directly at: Our toll free number is: (877) 633-2368 ext. 26208.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Jane A. Lochrie, MD, FACP
Internal Medicine Program Director

Nitin Trivedi, MD
Associate Program Director

Susan George, MD, FACP
Associate Program Director

Brandi Hoag, MD
Associate Program Director

From the Chief of Medicine

Dear Applicant:

Having trained and taught at academic institutions in Boston, I know you will find that our residency program offers a wonderful learning experience in a vibrant, collegial and sophisticated medical community.
Crafted by a 60-year tradition of excellence, our internal medicine residency is designed to provide grounding for a distinguished career as a general internist, hospitalist, or a medical subspecialist. Our enviable strengths are highlighted in the material on this web site, and I will not attempt to summarize those many prominent features. However, I will note that any vital and successful enterprise requires values, vision, and commitment, and the internal medicine residency at Saint Vincent Hospital is blessed to have the following remarkable individuals at the helm of its academic program, Dr. Jane A. Lochrie, Program Director, Dr. Susan George, Associate Program Director, Dr. Brandy Hoag, Associate Program Director, Dr. Nitin Trivedi Associate Program Director, Dr. L. Rebecca Spanagel, Student Coordinator.

Enjoy your tour of our site, and please contact us if you have questions concerning the training program.

I look forward to reviewing your application and to meeting you!

Anthony L. Esposito, MD, FACP
Chief, Department of Medicine
Director, Division of Infectious Diseases and Geographic Medicine
Saint Vincent Hospital
Professor of Medicine
University of Massachusetts Medical School