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  • 1. This is a twelve-week rotation – four weeks of inpatient medicine at UMass Medical Center, four weeks at SVH and four weeks of ambulatory medicine.
  • 2. The student is an integral part of the team and takes part in the following activities:
    • Admits 1-2 patients per admitting day; follows 2-4 patients at any given time.
    • Writes the history and physical and all daily notes on all of his/her patients that are followed. This includes a problem list, assessment and plans, both diagnostic and therapeutic.
    • Observes any and all procedures done on his/her patients and is encouraged to perform the following procedures with supervision after initial observation: venipuncture, insertion of an intravenous lines, arterial blood gases, electrocardiograms, blood cultures, gram stain, urinalysis, peripheral blood smear interpretation, nasogastric intubation, insertion of a bladder catheter, thoracentesis, paracentesis, and lumbar puncture.
    • Writes orders on patients, accompanied by a houseofficer co-signature.
    • Formally presents patients on attending rounds, work rounds and occasionally at morning report.
    • There is no overnight call as we have a night float system. Weekend call is required when the team is admitting on the weekend.
  • 3. There are many scheduled educational activities, including attending rounds, physical diagnosis rounds, subspecialty conferences, daily morning report, daily noon conferences and weekly EKG – all required unless an urgent issue arises.

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