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Student Comments

“What I liked best about the rotation was teamwork and integrating literature into medical practice.”

“The cooperative learning environment allowed me to relax and meet my own learning potential.”

“The people I worked with while doing my Sub-I were very kind, friendly and fun.”

“Friendly housestaff made this rotation very enjoyable.”

“I really thought all of the residents were very collegial and made for a great working environment. I felt like an important part of my team and that they really wanted to teach.”

“I liked the efficiency of the hospital, the positive attitude of the residents and staff and the dedication to teaching.”

“I liked the variation of the day with classes, conferences, attending rounds and admitting. Also, the people here at St. V’s are extremely friendly and helpful.”

“I have recommended St. V’s to my classmates!”

“I liked the variety of patients.”

“It is evident that they strive for 100% patient satisfaction.”

“The patient populations is quite diverse.”

“It was good to see how they approached the sometimes very difficult discussions dealing with life and death that their patients face.”

“I have had four rotations at St. V’s – two ward months, ID and MICU. Excellent overall teaching and warming experience – the attendings, residents and staff are all wonderful.”

“I liked how willing the attendings were to teach.”

“While on the Wards, I particularly enjoyed the classes, morning reports and interaction with the team members.”

“Excellent teaching, diverse pathology and wonderful atmosphere.”

I thoroughly enjoyed all the educational opportunities: noon conferences, morning report, attending rounds, EKG classes. The residents are brilliant and are great teachers and mentors.”

“The morning report sessions were very impressive and I enjoyed the medicine grand rounds immensely.”

“The ER rotation was so good, I signed for two extra weeks.”

“Lots of hands-on and direct patient care. Great teaching.”

“I felt comfortable with my team and was never afraid to ask questions.”

“Without hesitation, I can say that this was one of my top two rotations. It has so much to offer students at all levels.”

“I hope I have the opportunity to come back!”